About us

James EmetuHi there! James Emetu here.I’m a blogger  , and this is my website $100 per day blogging where I coach new bloggers how to make their first 100 dollars from their new blog.

I live in Nigeria Abia state, have a great family, and I like super heros. (And watching SpongeBob Squarepants’.)

About 100PerDayBlogging

The 100 Per Day Blogging Company has come a long way and have run under different names.

First it came under the name Money Code on Squidoo lens, then Nairahomebiz Inc. 100 per day Blogging is the most precise that spells out exactly what we have perfected and do and that’s train new bloggers to make their first $100 dollars from their blog.

100 per Day Blogging Is a Subsidiary of James Emetu Enterprise

It’s a sad cold fact that about 95 percent of bloggers fail to make any money online .we experienced the same until we discovered a cold chilling fact why bloggers don’t make any dime from their blog

The secret lies in a set of process which surprisingly most bloggers don’t follow But which elite bloggers apply to make tons of profit from their blog.

We personally studied and investigated about 2,390 elite bloggers that make a decent income online from their blog and guess what, they all apply that same set of process with few unique spins

These set of rules are what we put together to create our unique blogging training programme called Elite Blogging Code.

100 Per day Blogging is new but has come a long way from 2001, and has been providing quality blog trainings to the public ever since.

Located in Ohafia , 100PerDayBlogging employs high quality trainers and hard to get blogging resources and does all kinds of awesome things for the blogosphere community.

Here are some of the Quality Trainings we offer

The good old days Money code